Recommendation: Kerala Fish Curry from Daily Delight

Readers of previous posts may have noticed my purist tendencies: let the kids know what veggies they're eating, don't cop out and use ready-made masalas, etc. However, I am happy to announce that I've found a ready-to-eat product that I'll vouch for. We picked up some frozen, ready-to-eat Kerala Fish Curry (a brand called Daily Delight) when we were driving through Edison a couple of weekends ago. Getting in late from work today, I heated up the dish and was truly impressed: "just like mom makes it!" There was enough for two grown-ups, if you eat it with rice or a dosa. It would certainly be a filling dish for one. At $3.99, this was fantastic value-for-money. I was also happy to see that this was actually prepared in Kerala - yaay for globalization, I say.


As the person who got to share this fish dish, I concur. Wow!
RP said…
I am such a purist that I wouldn't even look at the frozen food section in Indian stores, especially the frozen cooked stuff. I do buy some frozen veggies though..But this fish curry is tempting. Looks yum!

Loved the video of your princess making chutney and dosa! :)