"A side of broccoli with my breakfast"

S was brushing my son K's teeth in the kids' bathroom and I heard snatches of their conversation. "Tomorrow, I'd like to have broccoli on the side for breakfast", says K.

Sure, I've verged on monomaniacal in my insistence on the kids having vegetables at pretty much every lunch and dinner, and broccoli has been standard fare in my kitchen. But this took it to a totally different level -- I'm impressed. K has tended to consistently choose broccoli on the side when we go out for a meal. No whining, just a happy child digging into the florets. D doesn't complain, but the enthusiasm K brings to the broccoli is astonishing.

As they went in for story time, I hear K tell us, "And now, tell me a story of someone who ate vegetables and did exercise." Given that the D, K and I sat down and ate a bag of spinach ( tossed with chopped mandarin slices, sesame tofu and Caesar dressing) for lunch today, I feel I can safely say these are not veggie-phobic kids!


Kamini said…
Bravo Roopa! How nice to read this as a change from the usual "my kid won't touch any veggie with a ten-foot pole" stories! I'm sure your yummy cooking had a big role to play!