Birthday planning

So, a little early in the day, I decided to do what I've marvelled at other moms for doing. This year, I'm going to be cooking up all the food for the birthday. Here's what the menu looks like right now:

1. Home made cake (yes!!)
2. A large pasta dish with white sauce and signature vegetables added!
3. Baked Mac and Cheese (will need to get the recipe from friend Sanjana, who was featured in my Superbowl blog post)
4. Meatballs or Indian-style cutlets
5. Veggie platter (with blue cheese dipping sauce)
6. Fruit platter (with chocolate dipping sauce)
7. Rotis (confession -- these will probably come pre-cooked out of a packet!)
8. Chicken curry
9. Garbanzos (Channa curry) or paneer curry
10. Maybe S's Malabar Shrimp
...and I guess we'll need to play it safe and order in some pizzas as well.

What do you think? Over the top? I got a couple of suggestions for tofu-related dishes, but I'm not convinced


david santos said…
Hello, Roopa!
Good menu!
I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day.
Kamini said…
Wow, the menu looks delicious - and ambitious! I remember the old days when I, too, caught the super-mom bug and made everything from scratch for my kids' birthdays. I shed the bug within a few years, and alas, the kids remember nothing of my mad efforts!
Good luck and happy birthday to D&K!