Sanjana's Malabar Fried Shrimp

I asked Sanjana to share her recipe for the Malabar fried shrimp that was the star appetizer on her Superbowl menu. Here it is. I'll upload pictures once I try it out at home.

Ingredients :
Two tablespoons of oil (In Kerala/ Malabar, I think they'd go with coconut oil, but it works with olive oil as well)
Two lbs shrimp cleaned & cooked
One tsp each of chilli powder, pepper & garlic
One sliced onion
10 to 20 curry leaves (available in most Indian stores)
Salt and lemon juice to taste (around 1 teaspoon each)
  • Marinate shrimp w the powders and little lemon juice and salt to taste ( around 1 tsp ) for as long as you like ( Sanjana has gone from one hour to an overnight marinade )
  • Heat oil, fry 1-2 sliced onions until brown
  • Add shrimp and fry / saute till almost done to desired level of crispness
  • Add handfull of curry leaves and fry a little more.