Butter and sensory overload at the hibachi

Driving home from a New Jersey Xmas sleepover party, we stopped for lunch at restaurant called Imperial 46 on Route 46. We were looking for Chinese, which my kids and husband love. But when we saw it had a hibachi, Benihana style, we opted for that. It turned into another new experience for the twins - and one more case of being close to the cooking action.

It was a revelation to see the amount of butter used in this genre of cooking. I thought it would be a lot healthier that it was. I also wasn't excited about the fact that all our dishes (veggie, salmon and chicken) landed up tasting pretty much the same, with a lot of teriyaki sauce.

However, it was fun to see the fiery volcano the cook set up (see photo). It did freak the kids out just a bit at first. The lunch was well worth the spectacle, though I wouldn't make it a habit (unlike shabu shabu, which I would!)