Eatin' out right with some shabu shabu

Shabu shabu (think fondue without the cheese) is definitely a contact sport - and a great way to get some uncomplicated veggies into kids. Once again, it's the experience of participating in the experience that gets the kids excited about it all.

We went in for an early dinner to Cafe Swish on the UWS. Each spot at the table is set up as a small (very safe) stove, and you order a base (flavored veggie or chicken stock), and a bunch of additions (dumplings, thin slivers of chicken, tofu, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, etc.) and noodles. There's a variety of sauces to choose from - even the lettuce "saucers" that the ingredients came in were chomped up once they were dipped in some of the great peanut sauce. As the stock comes to a boil, you pop in each of the additional ingredients you've ordered. You get a small sieve and chop sticks to fish out the cooked ingredients - let the kids drop in the ingredients and fish them out. My kids landed up eating tofu, cabbage and noodles with relish. I'll have to figure out a safe way to set this up at home -- tell me if you have any suggestions!


Anonymous said…
Roopa this sounds awesome, I'm definitely going to try it with my son!

Anonymous said…
Shabu shabu is great fun. I think maybe Korean barbecue could be next....