Fairytale Eggplants: Baked Panko-Stuffed Eggplant

One of my new finds during a morning walk last week was the Columbia Green-Market, on Broadway right outside the Columbia University gates at 116th Street. It's a rare gem of a Green Market - with local farmers, many of them organic farmers, bringing in their wares and displaying them on make-shift stalls. In the case of some of the more unusual produce, they helpfully have instructions for cooking some of their rare produce.

I just had to grab a bunch of these little eggplants - the name itself made it irresistible: Fairytale eggplants. These finger-length eggplants set my creative juices flowing, and below is a recipe that I pulled together from "stuff in the pantry." It's also a quick and easy recipe - tool about 15 minutes from start to finish.

12 to 15 Fairytale Eggplabts
One cup Panko Breadcrumbs - in this case I had some whole wheat style Panko by Ian's
One egg
One and half tsp Ginger powder
One and half tsp Garlic power
One tsp turmeric
Quarter tsp pepper
Two tsp salt
Olive oil

The ingredients came together when K, my son, basically raided the kitchen cupboard and said..."on, let's try this, and this...." OK, I may have vetoed some of the suggestions!
  • Start by getting the oven or toaster over heated to 450° C
  • In a bowl, mix the panko, ginger powder, garlic powder and salt together
    The kids loved the tactile experience of having to be gentle enough not to crush the crumbs, but also through enough to make sure all the ingredients mixed together
  • Beat the egg, turmeric and pepper together
    Another kid-friendly activity!
  • Prepare the eggplants: Rinse and pat dry. Then chop off the green calyx, and gently cut the eggplant from the bottom (the rounded end) crosswise up to about a few millimeter from the end. Think a four-petaled flower - once cut, you should have each eggplant looking like a small stem-less flower
  • Dip each eggplant in the egg mix, letting the mix get into the cut seams or the heart of the eggplant. Then roll the eggplant in the Panko mix, using your fingers or a small spoon to also get the mix into the heart of the eggplant
    Kids enjoy this - they can be extremely thorough, and yes, their little fingers can get a lot of Panko into the seams!
  • Dribble a teaspoon of olive oil onto a lined baking sheet and spread for a uniform coating, then place the panko crusted and stuffed eggplants an inch apart and bake for 10 minutes
  • Serve hot and crunchy!


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