Mango tasting: The Altaufo wins!

We have a lovely family who sells fruit at the corner fruit stand outside our apartment building. We've watched them grow as a family - the older couple brought their son in to help about five summers ago. He brought his young bride along, they then took over the stand. This year, the young lady is showing, and the baby is expected in July.

This is the family that introduced my babies to all kinds of lovely fruit - kiwi fruits were their favorite fruit as babies, they then evolved to wolfing down blackberries and strawberries. Just this past year, fresh lychees have taken on a fascination of their own.

As we walked to school this morning, the kids remarked on the multiple boxes of mangoes - each box sporting mangoes of slightly different hues and shapes. So, this evening, I staged a tasting of sorts.

The hubby, kids and I each got to opine.

  • The Altaufo (pictured on the left) won hands down: flavorful, sweet and a perfect blend of flavor, bite and sweetness
  • The one in the middle - I think it's the Kent - came second: Very sweet, almost like it was sugar-infused. It lost out because of the stringy consistency - the kids are not looking forward to tonight's flossing
  • The Tommy Atkins (on the right of this picture) scored last on all counts: it just sat there. Just enough flavor to tell you it's a mango, not enough to move you to a sigh, let alone tears of joy.

I miss the Alfonsos of my childhood!!