Tamarind Chicken

So I felt I had to post this recipe, when I kept packing the chicken away, and my son kept opening the dish and pulling out more. As a vegetarian, I no longer taste any meat dishes that I cook, and sometimes worry that the family is being complimentary because they're sweet. However, the fourth helping felt like a pretty solid sign!

  • One pound of chicken, cubed (most can be boneless, but it adds to the flavor to have a few pieces with bones)
  • 16 oz. Bottle of Deep Tamarind-Date Sweet and Sour sauce
  • 6 scallion sprigs
  • 6 large garlic cloves
  • One Tbsp Olive Oil
  • Two cardamom cloves, popped or peeled open lightly to free up the seeds a little
  • Five to Six whole coriander seeds
  • A dozen shopped baby carrots
  1. Dice the garlic and scallion (avoid the tips, the limp green sections of the scallion)
  2. On a medium flame, bring the oil to a high heat in a deep sauce pan
  3. Pop in the cardamom and coriander to flavor the oil for a minute or so
  4. Fry the garlic and scallions
  5. Once the garlic has browned, toss in the carrots and cook for a few minutes
  6. Next pop in the chicken and saute for a few minutes
  7. Pour in the tamarind sauce, and lower the flame so the dish can cook at a simmer for about twenty minutes. It's important to keep the flame low, so the sauce doesn't caramelize and separate
I used a bottled sauce, but shall share a recipe for a home-made version shortly. I happened to have some left-over from a small party we had a few days ago, hence the brain-wave for the dish! Deep Foods sauces can be found in most Indian Grocery Stores.


Simi said…
This looks fantastic! I'm drooling :) I love how straightforward the recipe is.