Dining in Dorking

I was out in UK, meeting with part of our European team, and found myself constantly gravitating to Indian food. I had decided to walk around the little town of Dorking on Friday night before deciding on where I would eat. I passed by Thai spots, pizza parlors, a rather high-end Nepali spot, the ubiquitous (fish and) chip shop...and retured to the Indian restaurant right across from the hotel I was staying at. Zafron was empty...I was early, but from 6pm through 7.30 pm, it was me reading my New Yorker and eating a perfectly prepared meal.

I enjoy the fact that even the simplest Indian spot in UK maintain such impeccable standards. The Pappodoms were perfectly fried (you think that's easy, but I jettison quite a few when I fry them), the tandoori mushroom masala was clearly made with real cashew nuts (though a little sweet for my taste) and the garlic naan was soft and nicely puffed. The one thing that disappointed was the house red - dreck!

More on the tandoori mushroom masalla when I am back home and give it a shot.