Coconut and Chocolate Pancakes

After another blogging hiatus, driven by an exciting time at work, I thought I'd share a very fun recipe with you. It's a perfect Sunday morning treat, and this time, the kids were able to do pretty much role was purely stove-side!
After a dawn mask-making session (I have a couple of early risers), we all set off to pull together breakfast. They weren't enthusiastic about an omelet, but perked up when I mentioned pancakes. D volunteered to take care of measuring, and K took on what's becoming a "traditional" role in charge of beating the eggs. In less than fifteen minutes, breakfast was done!

Two medium-sized eggs
One cup milk
Half a cup shredded coconut
Six Hershey kisses, chopped
Two cups Bisquick
One teaspoon sugar
A small pat of butter for the pan
  • Start with beating the eggs, and when it's frothy, add in milk
  • Mix in the coconut and the chopped chocolate
  • Add in the sugar, and once the mix takes on an even consistency, add in the Bisquick slowly and keep mixing so there aren't any clumps of the flour
  • Heat a wide pan on a medium flame, and butter it lightly. Pour about four tablespoons of the pancake mix on and roll the pan slightly to evenly distribute into a nice circular shape. The pancakes should take about a minute or half a minute of cooking on each side.
  • Given the coconut and chocolate, the kids didn't need any syrup with the pancakes "this is tasty, we don't need that" said K. A cup of milk to wash it down, and we had some happy campers....