Vikas Khanna's Lamb Chops

I had to delete this post I had originally posted in January, because of a garbled comment left by "craftmatic bed" - a link with lots of search words (argh)

"Last night, I saw the kids eat up what must amount to a small lamb! We were at a tree-trimming party at Shelley Rubin's (of the fabulous Rubin Museum) and she had invited Vikas Khanna to cater the elegant evening. The whole meal was amazing, with a whole series of appetizers circulating all night, and multitude of entrees to choose from. I especially loved the eggnog, which Vikas had engineered into a delicious "warm kulfi" affair.My kids, however, were true gourmands - yes, gourmands, when it came to the mini lamb chops. Given that my son said he'd "eat these lamb chops for breakfast, lunch and dinner," we weren't surprised. It got to a point where the nice waiter would come straight out of the kitchen with the platter of lamb chops and make a bee-line to lil' K, who would proceed to take two at a time and place it on his plate. Five minutes of silent munching later, he ran back to continue decorating the tree.For an in-depth recipe for the lamb chops, see Vikas's book "Modern Indian Cooking" (foreword by the legendary Daniel Boulud).

Vikas's recipe calls for marinating the thinly sliced lamb chops in a mix of yogurt, garam masala and salt (1 cup yogurt, 1 tablespoon garam masala, salt to taste for a pound and a half of lamb chops). As with most meats, it's best to marinate it overnight. Grill the lamb chops in a pre-heated oven (at 375°) turning over once for about 3 to 5 minutes on each side. Given the marination, the chops should be very tender and easy to get done. I should admit, I haven't tried this at home, but wanted to share the recipe and quote the book for the adventurous spirits out there. This isn't a spicy dish, so the kids will love it (I speak from experience there!)Serve the chops with couscous (see my veggie-filled couscous recipe coming up soon). "


RP said…
Hey, there is an option to delete unwanted comments. When you are logged in, go to the comments page and you will see a little trash can icon next to each comment. But I am glad you reposted this. Simple recipe! I am sure it would be a kid pleaser. We tried lamb for thanksgiving this year and it was such a big hit. I am never going back to turkey again. :)