Birthday foods

Am starting to think through birthday menus, and wondered what people out there have tried and enjoyed. Do me a favor, and if you have ideas, click on comments and tell me more!


S. Mitra Kalita said…
So much fun! What I miss about the US - the DIY drive... I think you came to Naya's second party where I was an idiot and made everything myself for 75 people. The biggest hits seemed to be the fruit kebabs and monkey cupcakes. If I recall the other things we made were meatballs, baked ziti, veggie lasagna, sausage lasagna, salad. Boring but eaten. Last year, my parents catered from this guy who comes and takes over your kitchen -- the kids seemed to like the tofu in lemon sauce best (it sounds weird, I know)... We will miss the fun!
Wow Roopa , amazing .. from Rediff i.view
"What do you think is the psychology behind this advice?

I think people don't like anyone doing anything extraordinary. There is a tendency to allow people to be just mediocre."

couldn't agree with you more, since I too am struggling on this front and found a direct connection ... Sports, cooking and removing the Mediocre attitude.
Raju Varghese (Stephens, Sree's friend and on Facebook).