Water, again

I've been a bit of a water advocate, since I remember using it as a mechanism to still my beating heart a little when I competed in rifle-shooting events. I always felt like it was more about the act of having to stop, breath, take a sip, reflect, than the physiological effect of the water. However, with no real evidence to the contrary, I worked to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, as I described in a previous post. Now, the scientists have gotten back on the "don't over-hydrate" platform.

A couple of University of Pennsylvania researchers seem to suggest that there is little scientific data to suggest that over hydrating is beneficial in terms of weight control, better skin, etc.... Well, my approach is, as long as it's not proven to be detrimental, I'll keep with my eight glass regimen.


Anitha said…
Hi Roopa
As a nephrologist, I will put in my 2-cents on the water issue. For most people 8 glasses of day is okay - the kidneys find a way to get rid of excess water. However for some people overdrinking leads to low sodium level with varying degrees of deleterious effects. This can happen in people who do a lot of strenuous exercise (esp marathon runners)and drink a lot of water. The body's thirst mechanism is pretty powerful, so usually we know when we need to drink water.
The other side of the issue is the push by bottled water companies about the beneficial effects of water, to increase their profits. The tapwater in this country is just as safe as any bottled water - I refuse to buy bottled water anymore.