Crepes, faux or not

Our dear pal H surprised us earlier this week by sending us amazing brownies and pancake mix from the classy and wholesome Dancing Deer Baking Co. The brownies disappeared pretty much instantly, with some sobbing when the kids discovered that the grown-ups had helped
themselves to some of them! This morning, D and I decided to start the day with some cooking, and we opened up the pancake mix. As we were just getting started, something triggered D to
talk about her friend J's birthday when the kids all cooked up crepes. Of course, that meant one thing. Time to experiment!!

The recipe called for whipping up one egg, 3/4 cups of milk,
two tablespoons butter and a cup of pancake mix. Instead, I opted to shift the proportions a little, only adding in a little more than half a cup pancake mix. It worked! This mix made the best ever crepes!

D did most of the mixing, with some help from dad. D also enjoyed the pouring on the chocolate sauce!!!

Thanks, H -- come have breakfast with us again SOON!


This was absolutely delicious! Thanks, H!