VIDEO: Godhamba Dosa (Indian wheat flour pancakes) and chutney

[Am experimenting with something new: adding short videos from the kitchen. Using video from The Flip camera is very easy, I am learning...]

One of my favorite breakfasts as a child was mom's Godhamba dosa. It was really a good "default" breakfast, when we couldn't really be bothered with the longer process of making idli, rice-based dosa or upumma. D, my daughter, was playing sous chef today, and enjoying the flipping of the dosas...with some mess involved!

Rava Dosa
half cup chappati flour
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
half teaspoon salt
one cup water

  • In a bowl, sift the salt into the flour, then mix in the water. The flour tends to be easy to mix, with little clumping.
  • Mix in the cumin seeds
  • Heat a flat skillet or pan, and smooth a thin layer of oil on it to prep it for cooking
  • Ladle an eighth cup of the mix onto the skillet and smooth it out, working in a circular motion from center out (see the home-movie attached here!)
  • Wait for the flour to set, then flip it over
  • Take the dosa off the skillet when it gets to be a light brown

Sweet Chutney
As a child, I used to accompany the dosa with sugar. We experimented with sweet chutney today.

quarter cup coconut flakes
half teaspoon cumin seeds
quarter cup water
(Conventional chutneys would also have one fresh green or red chili, a dried red chili, ten leaves of mint, and mustard seeds)

  • Grind all the above in a food processor or mixie for about 5 minutes. It's ready to go. We also mixed in a teaspoon of confectioners sugar. See the action below!
  • More conventional chutneys would have you blend a chili and mint. Once you pour out the chutney, you would pop the mustard seeds and dried chili in a teaspoon of oil and pour it in to top the chutney


Preston said…
I love that the Pink Princess has a pink spatula.
Maheswari said…
Came here thru desimomz club.Nice and wonderful blog.I liked the idea of cooking wi th the kids.I can see how your daughter is excited.Can't wait for mine to grow up..:).
Maheswari said…
On another note,Do you have a cousin named Devi chandra?.She was my classmate/roommate during ege.I have heard abt you thru her, but not sure though..:)
Hi, Maheswari. Yes, Devi is my cousin - I'll tell her you said hello!
Anonymous said…
How come there is no rava in rava dosa? - Mamta
Wunderyearz said…
Hey Roopa,
Stepped in here for the first time through Desimomz.Loved your posts.And hey my doubt is the same as the Anon above .Where has the Rava gone.
Felt that Mallu kind of touch to the cooking.....
Will surely look up here for help ;-)
Rachel said…
hehe loved the video.she got a round shape though!
Roopa said…
Hi Roopa, i am glad to see this post as I want to know if you were able to make the traditional well ground chutney you make using Indian mixie?? For me I am finding a hard time finding a substitute food processor that grinds chutney like a paste :( which have you used here? I miss grinding good idli and dosa batter here as the blenders you get in US never grind coconut or idli batter as smooth as it grinds in a Indian mixie, do let me know which brand you used pls:)
Hi, Roopa. I'll check as soon as I get home, but it's an Indian mixie that one of my mother-in-law's friends (thanks Lilykutty aunty) gave us. I think it's a Sumeet. I'm guessing that it works better since I use it only about once a week! I also tend to make my dosas by mixing rice powder and urud dall powder (haven't started from scratch with the rice and dal whole).