Crunchy Okra: Simple but perfect

I've tended to avoid Okra - it has the awful habit of going all mushy on me. It was the veggie that filled me with foreboding...until this weekend. Friends R&V showed me how to ensure that you can get to a nice crunchy side-dish, without emptying out a bottle of oil at that! The key is to wash the okra, then pat dry thoroughly before cutting. As simple as that. I suspect my mother has told me this at some point, but I guess I just never gave the okra time to dry out properly.
Two pounds of okra
Two teaspoons of salt
One teaspoon garam masala
One teaspoon coriander powder
About three tablespoons of oil

- Start by cutting off the okra tops, then cut the okra down the middle into two long pieces
- Heat the oil in a non-stick skillet or saucepan, and toss in the okra
- Add salt and saute the okra, stirring occasionally as it browns
- As the okra gets to be uniformly brown, put in the garam masala and coriander and stir in thoroughly
- It's ready to go!
- Here's R, and the okra dish her lil' uns are addicted to!