Your thoughts: To lock or not to lock....

Do you/ would you install a child lock on your fridge?

Every so often, the hubby and I have civilized differences of opinion that end with, "Well dear, we'll just have to see how this works out." (Our version of "Ok, let's agree to disagree"!!) This week, we gently disagreed around the children's access to the fridge. It was brought to focus when we visited our pals H&U, who have a child-proofed fridge. In our place, our guys will, once in a while, pop into the kitchen to see what they want for a snack or a drink. My approach is to not really stock anything I don't think the kids should have AND/ OR make the rules really clear. So today, I insisted that they had to finish dinner and eat their grapes before they got hold of the Dibs (ice cream) -- and D&K were good about sticking with the rules. Once they were done with the grapes, though, they ran in, pulled out the Dibs, counted out their quota (I set it arbitrarily at 8) and were happy as ever.

Tell me what you think!


V.V. Ganeshananthan said…
I think Dibs are really good. My parents never locked the fridge. I don't think I would either.
BD said…
you get to debate with your husband????? :)

but no, snacks are strictly rationed and time bound and the kids have a honour system on it, and it usually works

till i break it by bringing chocolates home
Sree said…
The hubby in question checking in.... I want to make it clear I am NOT advocating for a lock on the fridge. I didn't even know there was such a thing until we went to H&U's apartment. What I don't think is good for the fridge or the kids is when they treat it as part of their entertainment palette - they love opening the door and event trying to climb into it. Also, that means anything that's in the fridge becomes things they can eat anytime.

In any case, as someone who lacks his own internal governor at times, may be a lock should be put on it for ME!
Usman said…
no to the lock on the fridge.

yes to not having things in the fridge that you don't want them eating -

yes to keeping the junk food (dibs included) as a "fun trip outside" type of thing - trip to dunkin donuts as a treat, trip to ice cream shop, etc etc.
Anonymous said…
Hey Roopa,
Just found your blog! Ok, I'm impressed! Where to start? Cooking at 5am, getting kids to eat veggies & spicy food, writing a blog while working full time, raising twins, and cooking at 5am...! Copied a few of your recipes to try! Yumm.

As for the refrigerator lock. We don't have one, but the kids know that we choose when to offer food. Snacky stuff is on a high shelf. E enjoys meals and many foods, but A would survive on pretzels and water if we let her!

Hats off to you!
p.s. Great pic too!