Karmic weight?

Who found this article depressing? I'd really like to use a couple of my pals as examples of mind over body (Mr. Merchant?)


Preston said…
Well, whatever one's genetic predisposition to optimal weight, it still all comes down to math. Burning more calories than you consume is what matters. Convincing yourself to eat less (or better) and disciplining yourself to go the gym (and work out rigorously and effectively) are really tough. Then there are other factors: age (gets harder to lose the older you get), family and work demands on time, etc. Weight (whether gaining, losing, or maintaining) is still about lifestyle, even if genetics comes into play. Extreme weight loss (20+ pounds) is really hard for anybody--and it gets progressively harder with each passing year. It requires a huge, often selfish commitment ("can't meet you tonight, am heading to the gym"). It's like writing a novel. People have to understand that this is your deal, respect its space, support your efforts, and leave you alone when you are working.
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Preston's right -- it takes a lot for me to tear myself away from the kids when I get home (OR, let's admit it, TV!)to get to the gym. Worth every minute, though.
Preston said…
Here's something germane. The last sentence is wonderful: