Health and wellness

We were at a lovely dinner at H&U's home yesterday with loads and loads of lovely food (I'm hoping to post a couple of those recipes soon) and scintillating conversation. A lot of it veered towards health and wellness - triggered partly by all that food, and partly by the fact that all of us were at least in our 30's and thinking or working actively on remaining healthy. Somewhere along the line, after long and sometimes fractious discussions on the role of medicine in modern society, we established that diet and exercise were the magic bullet after all!

I personally have found it amazingly difficult to manage my own expectations on health, wellness and body image. All my medical tests come back perfect, but I keep at it, trying to get back to my pre-preg weight. At 40 minutes of exercise (elliptical trainer, swimming, abs training) and with some diet control (I'm trying to stick to a slim-fast log that keeps me at around 1300 calories a day, without really doing the cans!), it's still a slog to get those pounds down. A long road ahead!! It's going to be an interesting balancing act to teach the kids to enjoy their food AND know their limits, enjoy their games AND really plunge into the disciple of sports.