You say Kurma...I say Khorma, let's not call the whole thing off

The down-side to shopping with FreshDirect is that I inevitably go a little crazy and order up a bunch of stuff. This time, there are 3 quarts of skimplus milk to finish - right after the two other open quarts in the fridge. I stared at the copious amounts of carrot, broccoli, onion and potato on my counter top and decided I was going to cook up a vegetable khurma. I had memories of my mother's khurma in my head, but it did mean bringing down the blender, so I opted instead to look for a couple of recipes online just to see what my options were. Here are two completely different recipes that I liked: (seemed a little on the fattening side!) and

I landed up with a rather simple recipe all my own, that I guess doesn't quite qualify as a khurma, but worked really well with rice.
Two teaspoons cumin seeds
Three tablespoons olive oil
Two bunches of brocolli
Four large potatoes
One bag of baby carrots
One large red onion
Two teaspoons garam masala
Two tea spoons coriander powder
One tablespoon of salt
Half a cup of milk
Chopped tomatoes (I use a 26oz carton of Pomi Chopped Tomatoes)

  • Chop the potatoes into half-inch cubes, and cut the brocolli flowerets into individual bits. Cut the onion into thin slices
  • Start by heating the oil in a deep pan, and popping the cumin seeds in the oil
  • Fry the onion in that flavored oil, and when it starts to brown, toss in the garam masala and coriander powder and fry for a couple of minutes
  • Add in the chopped tomato and cook for a couple of minutes
  • Stir in the vegetables - start with potatoes and carrots, wait for about 10 minutes and then add in the brocolli
  • Once the brocolli is in, give the whole curry a good 10 minutes to cook properly. Then stir in the yogurt and take it off the flames (otherwise, you might see the yogurt separating out rather unattractively)

Nothing fancy, but very tasty!