Winter Grilling at 24° F

It was an extremely cold MLK day this year, and we stayed indoors. We'd hoped to spend the morning swimming, but that fell through as we waited for friends to join us. Instead, we chose to break out our indoor grill. It's a handy dandy, smokeless grill that gets us thinking of the summer even as biting cold winds blow outdoors.

D&K watched as I sliced up the salmon into chunks (2" x 3" x 1"), and helped squeeze lime juice out into pans, added turmeric and salt to one pan, and chilli powder, turmeric and salt into the other pan. The first was the marinade for the kids' batch, and the second for the grown-ups. I use Tupperware with lids for marinading, since it allows you to close the box and shake the meat/ fish and marinade around well and evenly coat the meat. We also halved some white mushrooms and beefsteak tomatoes, and marinaded them in a soy-based seasoning sauce. It takes less than a half-hour for the fish and veggies to take on the marinade flavors. Since we were doing all this on the fly, I can vouch for that (don't over-power the fish and veggies with too much marinading.) I also quartered medium-sized red onions and placed them on the grill. If your grill has a solid portion, choose that for veggies, since it's not like there's fat to drain or any such thing.
Two pounds of Salmon fillets
One lime (half each for each marinade)
Half a teaspoon of turmeric for each marinade
One teaspoon of salt for each marinade
Half a teaspoon of chilli powder for the grown-up marinade
Maggi seasoning sauce for the vegetable seasoning

Remember to brush the grilling surface with a light coat of olive oil before placing the fish and veggies on it. Even though the grill was at high heat, it was safe enough for the kids to help place the fish and veggies on the grill (make sure there's a lot of hand-washing happening, of course!) Remember to brush the veggies with olive oil every so often, since they tend to get rather dry if ignored. The platter of food shown here was polished off in one short sitting!