About Roopa's Recipes

I've gone online for a couple of years, searching for inspiration as I stand in front of the fridge trying to figure something nice, nutritious and nosh'y for the kiddies. Hopefully, this blog can help other moms...and for that matter, anyone looking for some serendipitous food ideas.

A couple of ways I think of these recipes: by main ingredient (chicken, couscous, rice, etc.), provenance (Indian, Middle East, etc.) and kid category (mid-morning snack, intro to spice, etc.)

As a working mom in NYC, I've tended to make the kitchen and cooking a dynamic part of my time with the kids. They hang out on tall chairs on the other side of the counter, chatting with me, snacking on ingredients, and more and more these days helping me cook! When the kids were younger (...and not quite up to the task of sitting up, etc.!), I would wake up at 5 am and cook up breakfast and lunch before leaving for work. I made sure that I hung out in the morning and fed them breakfast, and used that time to chat about the day, their friends, and bond over their fruit, eggs, cereals.... They still cried copiously as I left and I still ached as I got in the elevator. Knowing they were eating well was one of the many things that got me through the days at work (apart from the cool work I was doing!) Nowadays, I make sure to cook lunch and dinner about 3 days a week, and of course the weekends are cook-fests! The kids have their own spatulas, and aprons, and are real mini-chefs, and it's one big party most weekends!


annulla said…
I'm not usually at home for the 5:00 news, but this evening I was and watched Sree's report about building Web sites. Went online to investigate further, saw his note about his recipe-loving wife, followed the link and ... here we are.

I'm always interested in learning about new resources in & around the city I'd love to know where you buy your ingredients. Any shops or merchants you'd particularly recommend?

Blather From Brooklyn
rv said…
Hey thats such a lovely starter, I loved the way you described your kids as real mini-chefs:) That sounds so cute:) Hey there is a blog group just for mom's like you, maybe you wud be interested, you can see this site.I think you might find it usefulls: