Mini Pitas

Went shopping at Gourmet Garage with my son, who was at the perfect height to see the Pita shelves and ask why these ones were so small...well, 'cause they were a pack of 8 Mini Pitas (from Damascus Bakeries, who's tag line seems to suggest they are America's original Pitas!)

They reminded me of something I'd experimented with a couple of years ago. Now that D&K have their own aprons, they're into the idea of helping make dinner.

The trick is to have the components of this meal all ready on the counter (imagine you're one of those TV chefs.) Last nights, the components were:

  • 4 mini pitas

  • carrots & mushroom

  • French brie


  1. Slice a small crescent off the top of each pita (the kids have trouble with this). The idea is to open up a small section of the pita, then gently open out the "pocket" of the pita.

  2. Prep the stuffing: Take about 2 cups of chicken broth (I like the salt-free College inn broth you can get in large tetra-packs), bring to a boil and toss in about a cup of sliced white mushrooms and a cup of chopped baby carrots, cut to half-inch sections. Since mushrooms take a little longer to cook, put them in a couple of minutes before you put in the carrots. Cook for about 10 minutes or till the broth is all absorbed/ evaporated. I prefer the veggies crunchy, and dry. If you like the veggies mushy, go ahead and add more broth and cook longer, but it could make for a soggy meal.

  3. Brie: You can't go very wrong with Brie. Get one that's billed as a 60% Brie, since it'll be pretty spreadable (it'll have some body, so tell the kids to take big chunks and work it into the pita pocket)

Put a pita pocket on each kid's favorite plate, have them spread in copious amounts of brie inside the pocket. Remind them to be gentle, since you don't want them to tear the pita. Give them a small bowl of the veggies and have them push them into the pocket.

You'll have to help them, of course. But, that's it - a nice, interactive meal, ready to eat!