Health food junkies

Once in a while, on a rainy afternoon, one of the kids will look up at me and say, "do you think we can try a junk food snack today". Given all the dogmatic discussions out there about how we should talk about food with kids, I'm not sure whether schooling kids on good foods and bad is recommended. Anyway, it's done. The kids know that eating fried potato crisps isn't doing them any good...and in fact, they don't see it lying around the house much.

I've been intrigued about the anti-cancer food campaigns, having seen one of those extremely hurried PSAs a couple of weeks ago. I didn't get to take down the url - which was convoluted and not very intuitive. The tag line went something like: "Protect your kids from cancer with healthy diets...." Anyone who knows what I'm talking about?

Found a couple of decent articles on good old www, though: in iVillage and truehealth (scrool all the way down to see the recommended foods). As I see it, Broccoli and Blueberries rock.