Grand (Central) thoughts....

My husband and I shared a commute this morning (now that's a great way to catch up on family news, holiday planning and chore updates!) As we walked through the Shuttle corridor, we gazed at the wonderfully svelte ladies pretending to pop luscious Godiva chocolates, and I blurted out..."Yeah, like she's gonna eat one of those!"

Made me think of a simple treat - try it with the kids. Blend a cup of mango pulp (I like Swad's Kesar mango pulp), about a cup of non-fat yogurt and a half-cup of milk. Blend till it's reached a smooth and even consistency. Some optional additions: sugar to taste (don't go past 2 teaspoons, though) or a similar amount of honey. You might also add some Kesar (saffron) - just a thread or two will do the trick.

You can serve it as a drink for the kiddies and grown-ups OR, pour some in pop moulds and freeze for a faux - but yummy- kulfi (an Indian ice cream).