Good ol' rice (with a microwave twist)

Rice will get the kids excited, especially if they've helped make it. Here's an easy way to make an aromatic focal point to a yummy meal (thanks to Deepa kunjamma for teaching me the microwave trick!)

  • Have the kids help you measure out two cups of rice into a microwaveable bowl. (I like basmati rice, since it won't fall apart and smells beautiful.) Have the kids help you measure in a couple of tea-spoons of olive oil into the rice, and pop in a dash of salt.
  • The kids will enjoy measuring and pouring in the water - about 2 and a half cups of water to each cup of rice. So, have them pour in 5 cups of water into the bowl of rice.
  • Pop the bowl into the microwave, full power, for 20 minutes.
  • Carefully, take out the bowl after the 20 minutes, and stir the rice. If the rice from the bottom of the bowl seems soggy, stir well, then pop the bowl in for another 5 minutes. (Results will vary, depending on your microwave's settings. An easy way to establish the perfect settign would be to start with 15 minutes for 2 cups of rice, then stir to check for cooking. Put in for increments of 5 minutes, till the rice is firm, cooked, and not soggy.)
  • The grains of rice should be firm, but well cooked.

    The kids will love the aroma. Serve it with yogurt or one of the curries I'll share in a bit.

Remember: set up cooking experiences for kids in a safe spot - away from the stove and microwave, since you don't want them coming in contact with very hot food or dishes. Set them up with a clean working space (and in an area you don't mind getting very, very messy!)